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August 7, 2005

Create Your Own Website

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Why Would I Want A Blog
A blog allows your family and friends and other perfect strangers to follow your experiences with ease.
But I’m Not A Geek
You don’t really need to be technically inclined to start your own website. This website uses a “blog” to make it easier to maintain. A blog allows you to post articles to your website and the blog software takes care of the basic format and maintains the links that relate all the pages on your website. When a site becomes larger, this automatic link management really comes in handy. This site uses a blog managed by blogger.com and hosted on our own website. The simplest way to start your own blog is to utilize the hosting provided by blogger.com. You can always move to another web host at any time in the future.
A Simpler Way To Find Your Blog
You may desire to register your own “domain name”. A domain name is a shortcut to your website. It is useful to provide a simple link to your site that will be consistent in the future and allow you to change where the website is hosted (the company providing the computer your site resides on) in the future without changing how people go to your site. Your blog may reside at http://www.mycurrenthost.com/users/myname/index.html but if you registered a domain name it could be simplified as http://www.mysimplelink.com. If you change your web host later, you’ll still be accessible as http://www.mysimplelink.com even though its now hosted at http://www.myfuturehost.com/users/myname/index.html. Domain names can be registered for less than $10 per year so they are not cost prohibitive. Hosting of your website can cost as little as $5 per month.
This site is hosted at RegisterFly.com, the domain name is registered at Registerfly.com as well and the blog software is at blogger.com

Note: Changes have been made and Blogger is no longer used for this site. WordPress is now used because it is much more versatile, and faster. Blogger is a good choice for a simple blog but I wanted more. In addition, the site is hosted at WestHost using a Virtual Private Server (VPS). I now host all of my domains using the same VPS server. They also provide single domain hosting for as little as $4/month. I’ll make a better update as soon as I can.
http://www.blogger.com Has the blogger software and can host the blog as well.
http://registerfly.com Can host your blog as well as register a domain name.
http://www.ipowwrweb.com Can host your blog as well as register a domain name.
http://www.1and1.com Can host your blog as well as register a domain name.

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