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December 4, 2010

HTC Incredible Android Phone

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I finally broke down and updated my simple, old cell phone. I’d been looking at the Motorola Droid X at best Buy but on a recent visit there they had a better phone at a better price. They offered the HTC Incredible for free, a price i could no longer resist. I knew the phone had an extensive feature list which included an 8MP camera, HD video camera, GPS, stereo audio player, large high resolution screen and excellent signal reception. What is even more amazing is that everything works better than expected. The camera works much better than my existing camera, the video camera is better than my existing video camera, the GPS is more accurate than other GPS devices I’ve used, the sound quality is outstanding and cell phone audio clear. It works like an Swiss army knife, doing everything. There are thousands of applications that can be downloaded for special features. One that I downloaded is PDAnet, an app that allows the phone to be tethered to my computer and allow full highspeed Internet access. Another is GEObeagle an app for GEOcaching which allows you to download selected GEOcache locations with their location and details and allow posting the results of the searches to the website. The ShopSavvy app allows you to take a picture of a barcode and get immediate results showing the best prices available at local merchants and web merchants. I found a WordPress app to post to my blogs including sending pictures direct from the phone. Another interesting app is DSandroidMapSubmit which allows posting my current location to a map of Datastorm mobile Internet users.

I’m pretty sure that if I think of just about any need in the future, this phone can handle it.

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