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June 30, 2008

Digital TV Change

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With the coming elimination of analog TV come February of next year I knew we would hve to do something eventually. In the RV, hqlf the problem was eliminated when i broke our existing front Tv last fall. We enjoyed seeral months without the TV and barely missed it. Ieventually bought a replacement Tv and it has thee digital tuner built in so half of the problem was solved.

I haven’t broken the bedroon Tv yet so I got an RCA converter box at walmart. It works well. Here at home we get 50 channels over the air so its almost like cable. Most of the channels aren’t worth watching so the quantity helps.

I have noticed an interesting effect of the digital TV’s and converters as opposed to the Analog. The digital TV’s  each preent the picture at their own pace. Two TV’s sid-by-side each show the same program at slightly different times. This has to do with the processing of th signal. Some are fast some are slow so there can be up to a second difference in when the signal arries so if you hae multiple TV’s you can easily get the echo effect due to the delays.

You can easily see the effect when you visit a TV display at the store if they have audio on more than one Tv turned on. Cute. I’m not sure that is an inprovement.

All in all, no real problems in preparing for the change.

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